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As a licenced waste carrier, we are able to offer our muck away service to all our customers, no job is too big or small!

A hassle-free solution to removing and disposing of your waste, muck aways are a cost effective and time-efficient way of assisting with clearing your site of unwanted materials.

Our drivers are experienced and have the necessary expertise to remove your waste cleanly, in accordance with environmental standards and legislation.

Convenient, reliable, cost effective.

Our fleet of vehicles, can remove and carry large amounts of soil and other materials from construction or building sites, gardens, demolition projects and more. We can handle any muck way project – no matter how big or small.


An environmentally friendly service, we ensure that all materials are sorted, processed and recycled and reused where possible.


DIY Aggregates has years of knowledge and expertise, offering an efficient and reliable service to all our customers.

What is a muck away?

A muck away is the process of removing soil and other materials from construction or building sites.


There are a variety of muck away services depending on the type of materials that need to be removed.

Speak to our customer service team to discuss the best solution for you.

Waste we can remove?

Our waste license allows us to remove inert material.

This is materials such as soil (including subsoil), stone, stone, chalk, brick, concrete and hardcore.

Benefits of our muck away service:

Waste material is removed quickly.

Skilled drivers are able to navigate and move around commercial sites with ease.

Grab lorries available to assist with clearing gardens or sites, helping you get your projects started quicker.

Our drivers are all qualified to operate our vehicles safely and efficiently.

No need for a skip, which can often cause an obstruction, be costly and requires delivery and collection wait time.

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